Wireless internet/cable
An employment referral program that employs 2 out of 3 residents
Secured premises
Coed Facility
501(c) (3)

In addition to the participants donation every month.
the participant will be expected to provide any and all documentation requested by the time requested.
The participant will be expected to become; if not all ready enrolled in a trade, or vocational school, and /or employed by an allotted time.
The participant will be obligated and responsible to submit weekly job searches, or to provide proof of enrollment.
the participant will be expected to mentor and assist fellow H.O.H. participants.
You will be expected to attend at least two monthly H.O.H. facilitated self help workshops.
The participant will be expected to refrain from incidents and/or disruptions of any kind while participating in the program. Any conduct displaying behavior to the contrary will result in your participation in T.I.L.A.P. to be reviewed for termination.

Durring your participation in T.I.L.A.P., the participant will not be allowed to open up any new credit or charge accounts of any kind. This is to ensure they are able to provide a blemish free credit report and up to 15 months of positive credit and rental history upon completion of the program,  assisting the rental process. participant will be expected to perform 100 hours of H.O.H. approved community service. It will be your responsibility to keep H.O.H. informed and up to speed with any and all changes in your day to day activity. ( while enrolled in the program)