Haven of Hope Foundation

Community Stewardship

Haven of Hope Foundation for the Homeless was established by Teves Lee and Vonetta Mobley in May 2008. Throughout our own struggles, we oftentimes viewed homelessness as a temporary situation for those willing to accept an outstretched hand. Determined not to see another person fall in between society's cracks we decided to become that hand by providing transistional housing for the residentially challenged. With houses located in the beautiful city of Long Beach. Los Angeles Orange County it has become our mission to help the community. With 24-hour personnel available to guests, we encourage and motivate towards a path of complete independence. We assist students, veterans, parolees. We're committed to providing a clean, safe, secure and healthy living environment. It is essential to our purpose here at Haven of Hope.


HOH is not a sober living or drug treatment facility. Ninety percent of our residents are employed and merely are in transition due to the continual rise in food and fuel costs. Our houses are located in residential areas which give the individual and families a source of comfort in a traditional setting. If you have specific criteria for the housing you're looking for, (adult with special needs) please fill out the form below. You will be contacted by our intake supervisor to evaluate your needs and requirements.


Haven of Hope is proud of the relationships that we've foraged with individuals and organizations in the Long Beach and Los Angeles & orange county communities. Our goal is to eradicate homelessness everywhere. We realize that we can't do this alone and are grateful for the help that we receive from our many friends and supporters. Please contact us if you'd like to be listed as one. All donations are tax deductible.